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Monday, September 09, 2013

Is there still a battle between nerds and jocks or has that gone away?

Random question, I know but there is a reason behind it that I will share momentarily.  I’m never sure about these types of things.  After recently attending my 20-year high school reunion I was blown away with all the drama that happened during those four short years to which I was completely oblivious.  I thought that everyone was friends and that we all got along fabulously . . . however I found out that was not true to most people’s recollection.  I was informed that just because I liked everyone and was everyone’s friend didn’t mean that everyone else had that same attitude.  Seriously, I had no idea the drama! 

So the above question came to mind immediately on Saturday afternoon as I boarded Trax to go up to the University of Utah to attend the football game.  I board at one of the very first stops heading north to downtown and so there were just a handful of football fans.  However after a couple of stops the train was already getting crowded and a gathering of people in costumes had boarded.  It took me a while to remember that Comic Con was also happening downtown.  The two groups were definitely not from the same cut of material.  The group going to Comic Con was not comfortable and was a bit edgy about being in the middle of the sports fans. 

Nothing happened and everyone was completely cordial . . . at least in the car I was in . . . but it still made me smile.


  • I was like you and oblivious to the drama of high school. I like to think we've all grown up, because I would have loved to go to both the Utah game and the Comic Con that the two groups can mix but since I wasn't willing to pay for either ticket maybe I'm not enough of either a jock or nerd to know.

    By Blogger Emily, At 7:09 PM  

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