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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I had an epiphany

I’m going to write based on the assumption that just about everyone has put something together. . . . or if not actually completed the task themselves, then at least been witness to someone else doing it. 

It happens to all of us; the instructions are followed number by number and page by page.   It isn’t until the last number on the last page is finished that realization hits that there is one or two extra parts still sitting on the floor that should have already been placed somewhere within the contraption.  Almost always you pick the parts up off the floor and turn them over in your hand.  You go through the instructions in your head again thinking that by so doing they will magically tell you where they are supposed to go. 

Finally after coming to the conclusion that you put the item together exactly as instructed and didn’t miss a step, you set the extra part(s) down on the floor and test the newly formed object for stability.  Upon satisfactory inspection and testing, you look at the part(s) on the floor again, shrug your shoulders and laugh.  There are a hundred jokes about the “extra parts” and you have rediscovered that it is still humorous when it happens to you for the hundredth time because it still messes with your head every single time.

No this was not the epiphany . . . this is merely set up for the epiphany

Sunday I came across some photos that stirred major reflection.  It was reflection of where I have been and where I am.  It was a wake-up call straight from reality that wasn’t necessarily the easiest thing to swallow.    

I’m not positive why I drew the parallel between the two things, but I do have to admit that it made me laugh.   

So my thought process was that once upon a time I had a huge group of friends that was adventurous and played all the time . . . and I mean all the time.  There was rarely a night that went by where all or a portion of the group wasn’t together doing something.  Regardless of the activity, we were excited and ready to take on anything.  To me, this was a well put together, stable item.  I was a useful part that was integral in forming this beautiful structure. 

However time and change always occurs.  It is a natural part of life.  This structure was not meant to be permanent.  Slowly it was taken apart.   I watched and cheered as things were reassembled into multiple items using other parts from similar structures nearby.  It was different but so much more beautiful to me as they came together and were built into structures that were meant to be permanent and eternal.  These structures were only the base and I’ve witnessed as they make additions and add levels that give depth and so much strength.  I’m in awe of the process.

It was on Sunday that I realized that I am the extra part.  The instructions were followed number by number and page by page, but when things were put together, I was still on the floor.  I wasn’t used in any of the newly created structures.  There isn’t really a place that I belong.  The old structure where I fit so tightly was gone and the new structures didn’t need me.  It isn’t that I am useless, I just don’t fit in a structure any more. 

Now don’t think that this is a pity party because it isn’t.  I honestly laughed long, hard and loud when this came to mind.  It is what it is and what it is is an extra part.  I can’t build anything with just me, one part is not meant to build.  However I can admire the strength and beauty of those structures built around me.  I just need to remember that the One who wrote the instructions knows exactly where I do go and will eventually affix me perfectly.


  • While I completely understand your metaphor, I must contend that the extra part you're talking about may actually not be extra at all. Perhaps you are like the allen wrench that so often comes in the package. Completely necessary for the assembly of the parts, but not actually part of the structure itself. Something tells me when this is all over, you'll find yourself part of a very important set. Love you. (and consider you a very necessary part of my life.)

    By Blogger Katie Fuller, At 12:11 AM  

  • Parts is parts, my friend. It has always been my experience that the parts that come in the package are expected and therefore really don't create a lot of excitement in and of themselves. However, it's the extra parts from the project that get put away and held onto until that unexpected day where they are desperately needed to complete another project. These parts are more extraordinary and are received with a much greater degree of excitement because it was truly unexpected. I'm confident that Heavenly Father is keeping you in a special holding place for an extraordinary purpose!

    By Blogger Sandi, At 4:15 PM  

  • I really enjoyed Katie's analogy ... I think that it is amazing to see how His hand is so apart of our lives. I know that for ones like you and myself things haven't necessarily followed the standard path but I still believe that Heavenly Father just has something else He needs us for.

    By Blogger Ali, At 11:19 AM  

  • Hello old friend. Good post! That is a very interesting way of looking at life. You may be an integral part without knowing you are. It's not easy to tell where you fit in which structure at a given moment, but it becomes only clearer sometime down the road in retrospect.

    Anyway, we have a BIG GAME coming up! We are favored by 3.5 points, and I am really worried about this game. This is a classic "trap" game written all over. The last two visits to Salt Lake City were brutal for the Bruins. Here is hoping for a great game!

    By Blogger David Cho, At 12:53 AM  

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