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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Just a couple of random thoughts for the day

Thought #1

I am a huge fan of the thunder and lightening storms that we have been having over the last several days. Yesterday I had several things after work that I needed to accomplish. I went straight from work to my first stop. When I came back outside an hour and a half later, it was pouring rain. Although I knew that I had to be somewhere else in an hour, I took my time walking around for a while in the warm summer rain until I was drenched. As I sat by the reflection pool looking up at the rain coming down and feeling it slid down my face, life was peaceful for a moment.

As I am listening to the rain fall outside right at this very moment, regardless of the lateness of the hour.....I am tempted to go outside, sprawl out on the grass and just enjoy the down fall of that warm summer rain combine with a majestic thunder and lightening show. It is nights like these that I wish that there was someone who wouldn’t mind getting a little wet going on a walk with me without an umbrella.

Thought #2

A friend came into work to see me this afternoon. I haven’t seen him in a few months, but that is typical. He greeted me with one of his hugs that makes me just melt into his arms. He is about 6’ 5” tall and he always bends down and allows me to wrap my arms around his neck and then he picks me up off the floor and just holds me tight for as long as I want. He then spent the next hour telling me about all of his dating traumas. It is amazing to me how much some guys date. Usually in return they are always amazed that I never date, however he told me today that it is because I am so intense. What? What does that mean? Anyone have any takes on that?

And last, but not least....the thought of the day at work today......

Alone Sucks!


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