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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Only through the sands of time.

Standing on the middle of a beach, the realization of the abundance of particles of sand that are to be found just in this one small portion of the earth awakens the mind to an overwhelming sense of moments inclusive in each life. How many memories does the mind hold? How many times do we carelessly wander through the ticks of time and not realize the amazing world happening around us and thus to us? How many particles of sand strain through our fingers and away from us forever without a second thought? How many represent friends; old, new, never discovered, passed by, misjudged, dismissed, loved, needed…….? How many represent work, school, family……?

Sometimes the winds on our small portion of the beach are blowing so strong that we helpless watch as the sands are spun and swirled all about us, but the ability to capture any single piece becomes frustrating. At these times, experience has taught that it is most productive and enjoyable to lie down and watch the winds draw pictures of the changing sands as they blow around us. Eventually the winds will cease and then one has a brand new area of the beach in which to play. There is excitement of knowing that some of the sand that we were comfortable, while maybe in a new place, are still there and the awesome discovery of the unknown sand that has now entered our beach.

Other times the winds and elements are calm. Reflection, gathering, enjoying and strengthening of that which is around should encompass our energy. Placing of the hurts where the winds can carry them away the next time they blow and engraving of the blessings in stone as to always remember and never let them go.


  • The sun will shine on the beach and the glistening grains will catch our eye as we walk along, but then as we aproach one of those peices of sand they no longer glisten. We look out and see many others but then the wind comes along and pushes them helter-skelter.

    It's the ones that we are finally able to reach and hold that we truly need to value. The sands of the sea are without number and we arn't gods to be able to know them all.

    Have no fear for that which has passed, only a love for it and a determination for the future.

    By Blogger Stuff, At 12:27 PM  

  • It's easy to catch the sand... Just open your mouth.

    By Blogger Alvin Hotchkins, At 1:36 PM  

  • deep...but cute ;)

    By Blogger Stoic Niche, At 4:15 PM  

  • This absolutely beautiful and profound, yet easy to understand. I am placing a link to this from my blog if you don't mind :).

    I feel like my life has been through mud lately, not sand. Thank you for writing this.

    By Blogger David Cho, At 11:48 PM  

  • Oh, one other thing :). I live like 5 minutes from a sandy beach. Where do yo go to feel the sand? Hehehe

    By Blogger David Cho, At 12:26 PM  

  • Well I have to go a little further than 5 minutes, but I have been to many beaches in California, North Carolina, Texas, Hawaii, and Australia. Just sayin'....

    By Blogger Just Rannin' Around, At 2:21 PM  

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