Just Rannin' Around

Monday, September 22, 2008

“I have a dream. A song to sing. To help me cope with anything. If you see the wonder, of a fairy tale. You can take the future, even if you fail.”

I have been thinking WAY too much as usual which has been the cause of much reflection and hopefully somewhat of a change agent.

I am 100% girl.
A week or so ago, my vertical blinds on my sliding glass door decided that they no longer wanted to be there. They slowly started pulling out of the wall. I had a friend come over to help me with this problem. He had me hold up one side while he was releasing the other and middle from their hold in order to fix the issue. He unscrewed the two by him and then instructed me to unscrew the one by me. I tried and tried (while he laughed at me) but for the life of me didn’t have the strength to do something that should have been simple. Want more? Well I have never changed a tire even though I have had more than four flats. There always seems to be a nice gentleman near that takes care of the problem for me. I am more than willing to let someone else take care of things like this.

I have an over-active imagination.
One of my passions in life is reading. However I have to be extremely careful about what I choose to read because my reality tends to disappear as I join the world of the author. I don’t even think that I can give this justice about what happens to me as I become involved in a story. Let me try this way. . .have you ever seen “Never Ending Story” when as he reads he actually becomes a part of the story and he sees, hears and feels everything? Well that is what happens to me in a way. I typically find myself in the position of the main character and I go through all that happens to them. I feel the emotions that they experience and I find that I become anxious when things are stressful, cry when it is sad, and such. I literally lose myself in stories. When I can’t be out traveling, this always fills that void in needing to get away.

I am a pansy.
I don’t do well with physical work. This weekend I went home to St. George to help my parents put in their sprinkling system. It took all of ten minutes before I had blisters and about 30 seconds longer until they were broken and bleeding. I had to stop helping with digging the trenches and find other things that I was able to do. Pretty pathetic!

Monday, September 08, 2008

How is it that you can feel lost when you know exactly where you are?


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