Just Rannin' Around

Thursday, July 28, 2011

“I won’t feel sorry for myself and blame God.  I’ll just live a different life than the one I dreamt of.”

For outsiders looking into my life I would dare say that they think that I enjoy running.  I am so not one of those people.  Yes I run at least three times a week and last night I even ran six miles, but that doesn’t mean that I find joy in the sport.  I run because I want the body of a runner, it eliminates stress and it is something that I can do safely in the comfort of my own home.  Since I have been running for over seven years now it is a safe bet that I will never find my happy place while running, however since I don’t hate it I will continue to do it.

I have found a love of road biking the last couple of years.  It was a hard transition for me because I have been mountain biking since high school and completely love the thrill of the sport.  However once I came to the understanding that they were different beasts completely and I got over my thought that it would be a betrayal to my mountain bike, I found a new passion.  This is something that I can jump onto and completely lose myself in and before I know it biked 20 or 30 miles (and this is only because my butt starts letting me know it is a tad bit uncomfortable).  The down side to biking is that I feel like I need someone else to go with me.  It is a safety thing that my sweet dad beat into my already overactive imagination.

On Monday since it was a holiday and I didn’t have to find my way into work, I instead found my way up a mountain.  Hiking is another activity that I totally enjoy but don’t feel comfortable doing by myself for safety reasons.  So with a friend in tow we headed up Millcreek Canyon to find our way to the top of Grandeur Peak.  I was so incredibly proud of myself because I only had to stop once to let my lungs reopen.  I believe that is a record for me.  I was so ecstatic that I was planning to hike Mount Olympus this season on the way down.  Let me know if you want to join me as this chicken-little won’t do it by myself.

Oh and don’t be jealous but in five days I am flying out to California to go to Disneyland.  It isn’t a long trip actually not even lasting 48-hours, but long enough to celebrate a couple of birthdays and home again and back to work.  Why?  Because I can . . . frequent flyer miles = free flights is one of my favorite treats.  Fun little mini vacations that take me away from the reality of life.

Bigger vacations are looming closer.  I have to remind myself from time to time that it isn’t close enough to begin packing yet.  However it is close enough that I have already started looking at my next destination.  Fiji anyone?  That is where I am really thinking that I will be heading next year.  I need to do some serious scuba diving and that seems just like the perfect destination.  Plus I haven’t been there and there is a temple located there as an added bonus.  I do travel by myself, but not out of the country so someone will need to join me on this adventure.  I am ready for more stamps in my passport.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

“You know that place between sleep and awake?  That place where you still remember dreaming?  That’s where I’ll always love you.  That’s where I’ll be waiting.”

. . . brownies and vanilla ice cream

. . . lots of smiles and laughter

. . . too many phone calls to number

. . . football, football and more football

. . . notes left on my car and decorations on house

. . . church, being there and having gospel discussions

. . . traveling – Moab, Idaho, Mexico, New Orleans, Chicago

. . . so many hugs that still warms my heart

. . . temple open house

. . . talks about anything and everything

. . . yes, even dancing – I remember

. . . tears, happy and sad

. . . music

. . . food, eating in and eating out

. . . movies and plays

. . . taking turns soothing heartaches

. . . spending time with family

. . . just taking drives to drive

. . . blogging

. . . post cards and letters

. . . fighting

. . . service

. . . early mornings and late, late nights

. . . encouragement and understanding

. . . so many friends and wishes

. . . sweetest kisses

. . . stories – past, present and future

. . . camping and biking

. . . birthdays and holidays and happiness

. . . counting the seconds

. . . trust

. . .  love

and that is just 32 . . .

Monday, July 11, 2011

Random question - but it is free slurpee day so random questions are allowed . . . .

What are the most fun or creative or memorable adventure(s)/experience(s) that you had while you were single? 

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

“I’ve always been spontaneous and outgoing . . . I’ve tried lots of things so I’ve got some good life experience, which is great because it means I’ve got lots of material to work with.”

I’m always up for a new adventure.  Sometimes it gets me in a bit of trouble.  Sometimes I do things that I shouldn’t because I don’t think before plowing forward.  Maybe I should start my own program . . . . “Hi my name is Brenda and I am an adrenaline junkie.” 

The positive is that it doesn’t have to be dangerous for me to get that adrenaline pumping . . . it just has to excite me.  Any time I get near an airport my toes start to tingle.  I have been known to jump on a flight and take off without even a day of planning.  I have been known to fly to California for 12 hours just to play for the day with a friend.  Riding my bike has become a new kind of adventure.  Twice this weekend I jumped on my bike and did 20-mile rides with friends.  Oh there is so much that makes my juices flow which I pursue because it makes me feel alive if even for a while.  Believe me when I say that I have done some stupid things and I truly believe that I have disappointed and hurt those I love because I wanted to feel.  Owning it . . . working on it.

However it also leads me to so many adventures that I think far too many people allow themselves to miss out on.  Too often I find myself telling people that I am boring because daily duties and responsibilities are always hammering at my door, but looking at my life I am far from boring if you don’t focus on the day to day.  I doubt my adventure card will ever be filled since this world offers so many opportunities, but I do have quite a few stamps already collected.

28 more days until Disneyland . . . why am I going?  Why not!


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