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Monday, January 24, 2011

“It is as if I had a string somewhere under my left ribs, tightly and inextricably knotted to a similar string situated in the corresponding quarter of your frame.  And if that boisterous channel came between us, I am afraid that cord of communion will be snapped; and then I’ve a nervous notion I should take to bleeding inwardly.  As for you, you’d forget me.” 

I am currently about 150 pages shy of finishing re-reading one of my favorite classics, Jane Eyre.  Note that is was one of my goals this year and since I have already read my three new books for January, I decided that I had time to get lost in the 1800s and a story that I adore.  There is a movie coming out in March based on this book and I am interested to see just how they project it on the big screen.

I will admit that I am a hopeless romantic.  I am well aware that if someone could actually crawl into my heart and my dreams that they would die from lack of oxygen due to being unable to breathe from laughing so hard.  I just can’t help myself.  I want to be swept off my feet.  I want to be taken care of and loved.  This book probably doesn’t help me stay focused and in reality, but at this point, does it really matter anyway?!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Reflection either shoves you into the fears of the past or propels you into the possibilities of the future . . . your choice

I was at a Christmas gathering in December chatting with a mother and daughter when I felt a tap on the shoulder.  An older couple came over and introduced themselves to me.  With the questions that they were asking me I realized that they had no idea my age.  That is something that I am accustomed to especially within this social setting.  I quickly told them that I was too old to be a part of the program that they were presiding over.  After receiving the initial shocked look, them telling me that they thought I was 10 years younger than I am, the gentleman said something to me that I really took to heart and have thought a lot about.  He said, “I hope that you are doing something with your life and not just sitting in a holding pattern waiting.  Are you doing something good with your life?”

That was the springboard of starting to contemplate what I wanted to accomplish within the boundaries of the 2011 year.  I am one that re-evaluates my goals and desires on a consistent basis, but a new year brings a feeling of a fresh start and a desire to dig back in.  I am aware that when we keep our goals and ambitions to ourselves they are less likely to be achieved.  Being held accountable by someone promotes motivation.  Therefore I am going to place some of my goals on here hoping that I stay motivated.  Other goals are far too personal and so they will be written down and shared with my journal and only One other.  He always does a grand job of reminding me.

Temple:  For years now I have made it to the Temple on a weekly basis.  As I pondered this goal I considered several different options on how to take what has now become a habit and mold it into more of a growth opportunity for me.  I immediately knew the change that I needed to make.  I will continue to attend weekly, but at least once a month I need to not do initiatories and instead do an endowment session.  It may seem like only a small thing, but I know that it will do me well to take the time to do an endowment session and then take time to ponder in the Celestial Room. 

Preparation:  I have made note lately that I really need to put my affairs in order just in case.  I decided that I needed to have a Will prepared for such an occasion.  This is only fair to my family.

Side note: I met with my attorney today.  The Will and a Trust is in the works.  All should be handled and put into place by the end of this month.  Now I just need to tell my executor of the specific items that need to be given to an individual.

Travel:  Pure joy fills my soul when I am able to explore the world.  Whether it is a trip to a canyon ten minutes away or across the globe to an exotic land, my heart soars in the beauty and excitement of seeing new places and having new adventures.  My goal this year is to get out and enjoy more of the world around me.  It has been far too long since I wondered from the comfort of my home and discovered someplace new.  Whether it be a new hike or bike trail, or traveling hours away on a plane, my goal is to explore six new sights this year with one being taking a “must see” off my list.  Possibilities are endless and my passport is itching to be stamped at least once.  Friends in other States, beware as you may just have company at some point during this coming year.

Side note: I have put down money and will be traveling to Israel, Jordan and Egypt later this year.  I can’t even begin to describe how excited I am about this trip.

Physical Fitness:  Although my family thinks that I am crazy (which I love them for thinking that I don’t have it to lose), I have decided that I want to drop 20 pounds.  That would put me back to 140 pounds which is where I was when I left high school.  I am finding that my scale keeps going up a pound or two as the years have gone by and it is time to put a stop to and reverse it.  Running and yoga are going to come into play and I am putting it as a goal to do one or the other at least four times a week.

Side note:  I have a very good friend who approached me on Sunday and asked if I would be willing to train with her and then do a 60-mile bike ride with her.  Since it fits right in and keeps me accountable to someone, I told her if she found the bike ride I would be more than willing to do it with her.  This also means that rather than running the 5K this year in the Salt Lake City Marathon, I am now looking at doing the 26-mile bike race as a warm up.

Reading:  I love to learn and I adore reading.  My goal for this year is to read 30 new books.  That is only two and a half books a month.  On top of that reading I have also decided that my spiritual reading needs to be more focused.  I haven’t read the Book of Mormon cover to cover since President Hinckley issued his challenge the before his passing.  So I am going to pick that up and read it again cover to cover and I am also with preparation for Sunday School and my trip to the Holy Land, going to read the New Testament cover to cover.  Jane Eyre is also on my must re-read this year list but all three of those books will not count toward my goal of 30 new books this year. **Please if you have read any great books and think that I would enjoy them, please share!

As for the rest of the time I always manage to keep myself busy . . . tonight I am off to the Jazz vs. Knicks game.  I have tickets to the U2 concert.  I have renewed my Utah Football tickets.  I have tickets to various plays around town.  Plus, I never know what will come up in between.  I do have a six-month membership to Universal Studios that I can always use.

So the answer to that question, is a most resounding yes!  I am doing good with my life.  I do look forward with much anticipation to certain promised blessings, but I haven’t put my life on hold.  I think constantly of those blessings and carry them with me always and look forward when I get to share all that I have had the opportunity to do which has made me the person that I am and that I am becoming.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Warning: for those who have deep seeded germ phobias and think it beyond appalling to share eating utensils or eat food off someone else’s plate . . . well it might be wise to not read today’s post.  Super!

Once upon a time two friends set out on a journey to the land of no snow for the New Year.  Success was found as they met up with a third friend who is currently living in the land of no snow.  They gleefully strolled down the sandy beach of the ocean and then magically found themselves at a restaurant at the end of a blessed pier, admiring the amazing sun set gracefully into the waiting waters of the ocean.

Each was delivered a bowl of delicious, fresh clam chowder.  It was only after few bites were taken by all that it was discovered that something was terribly, horribly wrong!

“Hey how come YOU have the big spoon?!” exclaimed one.

“I didn’t know that I had the big spoon.” was the surprised reply as she slowly pulled the spoon from her mouth.

“Well you have the soup spoon!” said the last party to the first.

“I really would rather have a small teaspoon.  I don’t like big spoons and this is a really big spoon.” expressed the second.

“I have a teaspoon.” the last casually stated and held it up in the air to prove.

Before the second two realized what was even happening the first grabbed all the spoons and exchanged them to suit who really wanted which spoon. 

All turned immediately to the task at hand and happily ate the remains of each bowl of soup.  After dinner they skipped back down the pier (no really the skipping seriously took place) unaware of the next big adventure awaiting them in the car ride.

They piled into the rental car with high expectations that they would be able to navigate themselves back to the hotel.  Once the car was started something happened to the driver.  Everything that came out of her mouth came out in song.  Yes, she was singing everything that she said to the other two.  (to be fair since the driver just happened to be me, I can honestly say that I didn’t even realize that I was doing it until the other two decided they would do the same thing) 

Needless to say it was like living in a musical expect there was much more laughing and a lot less songs that actually made sense.  We finally had to stop because the passenger couldn’t breathe and the driver couldn’t see with all the tears from laughing filling her eyes and rolling down her cheeks.  Not to mention that we were attempting to find out way in a less familiar kingdom and being completely distracted was not a wise idea.

Much fun was had by all the entire time we were there.  Pretty much it was Super! and Delicious!

The End


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