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Monday, September 19, 2011

“Be careful what you wear to bed at night, you never know who you’ll meet in your dreams.”

Actually I never know who will be in my dreams any particular night, but I am typically not shocked by who shows up in them.  Sunday morning as I was emerging from peaceful bliss, my dreams were still swirling around me.  Try as I might to stay in those dreams, I eventually ended up being fully awake. 

However that doesn’t mean that I got out of bed.  Instead I gazed up and watching the spin of the ceiling fan blades, contemplated the dream.  I think that I was really analyzing me . . . the sensations that were enveloping me.  If that doesn’t make sense think back to a dream that you had that was a nightmare whereupon waking, that sensation of fear is still very real within you.  It happens with sad dreams when at times you can even wake up crying.  Those very real sensations that cling to you even though your eyes have opened and the dream has dissipated. 

The sensations were calmness, peacefulness, protected and safe, pure joy and love.  The dream couldn’t have been any more simple in nature or short in length.  It only involved me and a friend.  I could have stayed in that dream forever and would have been perfectly content.    

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

“If one synchronized swimmer drowns, do all the rest have to drown too?”

I am taking on a challenge that is currently completely above my abilities.  Why?  Pathetic as it sounds, because it gives me something new to do.  It is yet another way to keep my mind, heart and hands busy for a portion of each day.  Not to mention that someone told me that I wasn’t capable and shouldn’t even attempt.  That statement only made me dig my heels in.  I am incredibly stubborn especially when someone tells me I can’t do something.

*This is where the teenage mentality of “I’ll show you!” kicks in and I still have yet to master the art of not getting sucked into it.

Friday, September 02, 2011

I went to a fight last night and a football game broke out . . . .

Do blue and yellow make green?  It is a simple question but those were the colors of the opposing team . . . blue and yellow that is, but if I remember correctly the color of envy is green.  I am assuming that is what was making them so belligerent.

I have been faithfully attending University of Utah football games since ’94 when I moved up to Salt Lake.  I spent most of those years in the Muss.  After I graduated I still had friends that were attending and could get me tickets with the students.  I stood the entire game and yelled until my voice no longer existed. 

After many more years than is respectable to admit, I finally decided that I needed to take one more leap into acting like a real adult.  I purchased regular season tickets outside of the Muss.  The next couple of years I bounced around the stadium attempting to find seats that I really liked - - which for me not only included the view but the people around me. 

I found THE seats four years ago.  They just happen to be one row behind the visitor section.  It proves to provide entertainment within entertainment.  We have never had issues.  The season ticket holders that happen to seat around that area do really well with keeping things within friendly rivalry.  We take it as much as we dish it out.  We have always been able to laugh and enjoy the banter.  Not that football needs any help but little extra spice doesn’t ever hurt. 

Enter the Utes into the Pac 12 as they welcome a team from the Big Sky Conference.  Who?  What haven’t heard of that conference?  Don’t worry, you haven’t missed much.  Just to give you a small taste of this particular conference, Weber State is a member and the 38 times that Utah has met on the football field with this conference the Utes have comfortably won 38 times.  That is right, they have never lost.  This facts was never brought up last night, it is just interesting to know. 

There is one row right in front of me with Utah season ticket holders.  There are a group of five with two married couples and one of their friends and the cutest family with three small boys.  The row directly in front of them begins the visitor section.  Last night that row spent the entire game turned around attempting to get a rise out of us and I don’t just mean friendly banter. 

After three straight quarters of successfully ignoring them, they got out of hand and one of our fans lashed out at them.  Once they got a rise, they went ballistic and their mouths went from PG13 to R quickly.  I don’t think that I have heard the f-word so creatively or so frequently and I grew up on Dixie College campus.  The dad had enough about two minutes after they began.  He went to get security.

Here is my favorite part.  When security came over and told them that they needed to calm down and stop swearing or they would be escorted out, the woman said (no kidding), “We aren’t f-ing swearing” and then turning to face us, “f you”.  Way to prove your point.  The thought went through my head that either she was a complete idiot or she really had no idea that the f-word is in fact a swear word. 

We weren’t the only ones having issues.  I saw more people escorted out last night than I have the entire time I have been attending games . . . including the time I spent in the Muss.  I am hoping this was a one time occurrence and that the change of schedule is not going to be bringing this kind of carnage into our stadium on a weekly basis.

**On a side note, can I just say how incredibly convenient it is to have trax running almost outside my front door.  It made getting to the game fantastic!


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