Just Rannin' Around

Friday, June 22, 2012

“You crossed the water, left me ashore.
It killed me enough, but you wanted more.
You blew up the bridge, a mad terrorist.
Waved from your side, threw me a kiss.
I started to follow but realized too late.
There was nothing but air underneath my feet.”

This little blog of mine has most definitely been neglected as of late.  It seems like it doesn’t get read so I sometimes have to remind myself that I write for me and so it shouldn’t matter what happens after I post.  Truly the biggest reason for my lack of posts is due to the demand on my time from other areas of my life.  Frankly by the time I drag my butt CLEAR out to Magna late every evening, the only thing that I can focus on is how great my pillow is. 

I did participate in my first every triathlon.  How did it go?  Well, not as well as I wanted to do but this I will tell . . . . I finished and I didn’t come in last.  Actually there were at least a dozen people behind me most of whom I passed on the bike ride which was definitely my strength.  I had some wardrobe malfunctions during the swim which caused the majority of my problems.  I ended up spending twice as long in the water than I had planned which caused some early set fatigue.  Needless to say, I will let this serve as a training ground and come much more prepared the next time.  I am signed up for a mud run the middle of July.  That should be entertaining.

Other news, well as per my first paragraph I am still living like I’m in my early 20’s . . . . with a friend at her house.  I just haven’t found a home that I like or that I have even spent more than five minutes looking through.  I am sure that I am a huge frustration to my poor agent.  I warned him on the outset that I would be the easiest seller in the world to work with and quite the opposite when it came to buying.  Spending that much money is a huge deal to me and so I want what I want and I won’t settle.

My little sister is getting remarried next weekend.  That leaves me the odd man out yet again.  I suppose that I should be used to it but it was kind of nice to have a single sibling for a couple of years to hang out with during family functions.  Don’t get me wrong, I am so incredibly happy for her and wouldn’t have it any other way.  The positive side to it is that it leaves me as the lone child that my parents still buy Christmas for which means I am a bit spoiled.  I won’t lie, that part of it is pretty great.

There has been a letter that is crying loudly to be written again.  Not sure why it is struggling to get out still.  Every time I think that I have duct taped that box heavy enough I find that it has Houdinied its way out.  No worries though I am getting to be a master at stuffing it back in the box and burying it deep.  Hopefully my will power will win this battle yet again . . . actually I know it will because there is no other option.

I think that I am going to go to Spain and Portugal early next year.  Due to the rat race and everything occurring in my life right now, I decided that Fiji just wasn’t an option to take on this fall.  It makes me sad, but I also know that trying to plan it right now would just add to my stress level which is already fairly high.  That is a vacation that I want to spend some time planning.  Europe however doesn’t take much planning at all.  Grief the last time I went I didn’t plan anything . . . didn’t even book hotels, just flew by the seat of our pants and it was amazing.  I figure that it will just be an easy going vacation and I will know a few people living over there.  My passport expires soon though so I do need to get it renewed if I want to do anything next year.  Note to self: get that off the “to-do” list and make it jump to the “ta-done” list.

Well if this wasn’t random enough for you, come and see me . . . I am full of random these days.  This only covers about a quarter of an inch of my life right now but that is all that is getting written.

Till the next day happens . . . .

Friday, June 01, 2012

Some things come all too naturally and some things have to be fought for.

One week from tomorrow.  I am more than a little nervous.  My work schedule when I signed up was manageable and I was able to get in some great time.  Since January when I really should have started pushing myself, life became overwhelming and has left just enough time to sleep.  I know that I am not prepared. 

Tell me at the last second that I have to teach a class or give a talk . . . grief I won’t even break a sweat.  My pleasure!  Ask me to cook a meal or bake a treat and I will whip up something great.  Pile on the projects at work and I laugh and plow right through them . . . math and all.

I know I have strengths and talents in several areas.  I know some of them come as second nature to me.  I’m not bragging.  Every single person has at least one.  It is just a part of who we are and part of what makes us unique.

However on the other side of that coin, there are the things that we completely struggle to accomplish.  Things that we truly put blood, sweat and tears into and still come up short.  For me this is anything athletic.  The horrible thing about that is that I adore almost everything athletic.  I have yet to give up but it is an absolute struggle every single time.  My lungs just don’t function as well as I would like them to and they never will.
I have told the friends that are coming to watch that if they don’t see me within two hours of the start time, that they better come dredge the lake.  I know if I make it out of the lake that the bike and the run are more comfortable areas that I’m certain I can finish.  Actually I have been slowly getting better times at each of these this last week as I have been cramming any and all training into my schedule.

The only thing that I keep telling myself is that it is about finishing.  I just really don’t want to come in last.  That would be dreadful.  So as wimpy as it sounds my goals are as follows: 1) cross the finish line faster than two hours and 2) don’t be last. 

This will not be the only triathlon that I will do.  I want to do one when I actually have the time to train properly and thus be prepared (novel concept I know).

As a side note: I have decided that I need to put on big girl panties, take the training wheels off my bike and FINALLY get clip in peddles and shoes for my bike.  It scares me slightly but hey everything I do lately scares the crap out of me so why not do this while I’m at it?! 


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