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Thursday, August 25, 2011

“Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more.”

Last night I spent the evening training a newly called Relief Society presidency for the Spanish Ward in my Stake.  I walked away from that experience learning far more than I am sure that I taught.

The president has only been a member for a little over five years.  Her councilors and secretary combine almost exceed six years membership.  Two of them speak no English and the other two speak a little.  Thankfully we had a translator there last night or nothing would have been accomplished because combine I think our whole presidency could maybe, just maybe complete an entire paragraph in Spanish if we were lucky.  **I do know how to say “sign and date here” in Spanish thanks to my daily grind but I’m fairly positive that phrase was of no use last night.

Having served as a Relief Society president (and I had been a member all of my 26 years), I know how overwhelming it is accepting that calling.  Being raised in Utah in the gospel, I was comfortable with and knowledgeable of the program and how things were to run and still felt inadequate.  As I watched these sweet sisters last night grasping to gain some understanding of all the different aspects of their calling and what the Lord requires of them in these positions, my heart went out to them.  I finally realized that these sisters only needed the two most important things of Relief Society blazing in their hearts and the rest would come with time and more training.  The two things are: that everyone needs to know they are loved individually and that the pure truth of the gospel is taught at all times with the Spirit.

I know that I failed accomplishing those two things while I served more than I succeeded, but through that opportunity I learned the eternal, spiritual importance of them.  Last night I awoke to the fact that they are ALWAYS important to life as a general rule and that I was still tripping and failing.

When I was first called I was in the process of healing some very deep wounds of my own and I wore a band aid on my hand to remind myself that the Savior was helping me to heal and that I needed to also help others.  I think it might be time to put on another band aid to remind myself to stop being so selfish.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

“When a girl stares at you . . . she is wondering why you are lying”

Last Saturday night I went to see The Help with a couple of friends from the neighborhood.  We had a great time (even when I drove up the wrong side of the street) and the movie was good.  We all had plans that whole day and so we had gone to a late movie that put us back home not until almost 1:00 in the morning.  Little did we realize that the night was about to turn into a creepy adventure.

I pulled into my garage and after getting out of the car, the three of us gathered by my front door to continue chatting and planning when we were going to do it again and what to see next.  It wasn’t long at all until we realized that we would soon be joined by a man walking our way.  We all recognized him as the neighbor from across the street but something just didn’t feel right. 

He came over and told us that he was lost (drunk would have been the correct word, but whatever).  We pointed him to his front door that was no more than 30 yards from where we were standing and then continued our discussion with a bit of weirdness in the air.  I noticed that he didn’t go into his house but instead went into the home two doors down from his.  It wasn’t another minute before three men were walking our way.  At this point we weren’t in a position to safely disburse to our own homes (safety in numbers right?) and so we formed a tighter circle and the nervous tension went up by a million. 

They asked if they could join us.  Really?  We told them politely that we were all heading in because we just finished up a discussion.  Still they stood there and tried to make small talk with us.  I was grateful when I realized that one of my friends had pulled out her cell phone and was texting her husband.  She pushed send and 30 seconds later he was standing outside his front door which also happens to be right next to my front door.  Man were we all grateful to see him! Although I still don’t think that they got the hint.  Awkward!  Weird!  Creepy! 

I didn’t sleep very well that night.  Since at least two of them were neighbors and are aware of the fact that I went into an empty house that normally just has me in it.  I hate the fact that it makes me feel vulnerable, unsafe, unprotected and very alone.  Sad that I checked outside the next day before leaving just to make sure none of them were out there.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sometimes the happiest place on earth is right at your very own mailbox . . .

Disneyland was a blast!  It was definitely a whirlwind full of delicious food, action packed movies, great friends, lot of laughs and fast, thrilling rides.  It was amazing how we timed everything just perfect and didn’t really have any long waits for any of the rides.  The longest wait I believe that we had was for Screamin’ at California Adventures and I think that one only seemed long because it was so blasting hot.  Never a happy moment when you can feel the trickle of sweat dripping in places that you can do nothing about it (overshare I know so sorry).  It was a great way to usher in the 30th year of a friend.

I realize that Disneyland is supposed to be the happiest place on earth and it might just be that some days.  However on Tuesday this week the happiest place on earth was at my mailbox.  I’m sure it was quite the sight to see me doing a happy dance while waving the manila envelope over my head, smiling from ear to ear.  Ute football season is a mere 21 days away and my season tickets are here!  They always make picking up the mail at least one day a year a spectacular event. 

Now down to business . . . who wants to come to a game with me?  There are six home games that are up for grabs.  Also, anyone interested in attending the USCUtah game with me in September in Cali?

Go Utes!!!


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