Just Rannin' Around

Friday, May 24, 2013

“Lost time is never found again.” –Benjamin Franklin

 I’ve had a few people ask me why I’m not blogging anymore.  Well the short answer is lack of time.  There is so much happening and so many things that need to be completed that I literally falling into my bed at night exhausted wondering how I managed to survive the day. 

Work has been a beast in and of itself.  I don’t think that I have come up for breath the last year and a half with the exception of the almost two weeks that I went on vacation to Spain and Portugal.  Of course after the prior 5 years of every day wondering whether I would have a job the next day or not, I have a hard time complaining that work is busy.  I have been able to make my house payment AND even put a little back into my depleted savings. 

Outside of work (hahaha) is a whole different story.  I am currently trying to be on my bike as much as possible.  I have a 50-mile ride coming up that I am trying to literally get my butt ready for.  I am proud of myself as I know that the 50-miles won’t be a problem at all so it has been training on getting my time faster.  I’m hoping to ride between 17-20 miles an hour the entire ride.  That may not be fast for most people, but for me that is a great start.  I’m a little concerned because the ride is in Logan which means higher elevation which could mean more problems with my asthma.  I’m determined to beat it. 

I’ve been absolutely falling in love with my new house.  Yes, it really has taken me some time to be able to say that.  It was weird and didn’t really feel like home for the longest time.  Now that I’ve had the basement done and everything is furnished, it is beginning to get that home feeling to it and I’ve begun to feel like it really is mine.  Moving from 1100 square feet to over 3100 square feet definitely adds some cleaning time though.  However the library downstairs makes it all worth it.  Also I am learning the joys of added yard work to my schedule.  My landscapers should be there in the next couple of weeks to get some control on a couple of issues and to make it pretty.  They are going to give me some room around my backyard fence line for a place to grow some veggies and herbs.  It will be great to have some fresh, less expensive items straight from my very own backyard. 

My neighborhood is fabulous and my ward is the same.  It is such a blessing to be able to feel like I can be outside by myself and feel completely safe no matter the time.  I’m still loving my calling as Gospel Doctrine teacher and more than that I love the fact that I feel growth because there are so many knowledgeable members in my ward.  It gives me that extra push to study a little more in order to be better prepared.  It is good for me to feel challenged and in the gospel arena, it has been a long while since that has been the case. That isn’t meant to be bragging, the area that I spent the last six years living spirituality was just not a top priority for a majority of the people.

Those few items have taken up the majority of my time, but of course there are so many other little things that also pop up and demand a piece of my time.  I have so many blog entries that I have floating in my head . . . some may end up getting posted and others probably not.  I suppose that I need to take the time more often because I really do enjoy writing and it acts as a release for me.  We shall see if it happens . . . .


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