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Sunday, January 08, 2012

Dear 9:00 church,

Oh how I have missed you these last two years!  Thank you for returning to my life and bring that joy back.  I looked forward to this day and I’m so grateful for your arrival.  I will savor every moment.


Wednesday, January 04, 2012

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”
-Winston Churchill

I sometimes forget that I need to fasten my seatbelt for the holiday season because it always flies by in warp speed and with at least a little turbulence.  Of course what fun would it really without that bit of shaking?! 

With January here, there are a few things that I need to add to my list of things which I am resolved to do.  My whole take on resolutions are that they need to be within the scope of being able to actually accomplish them.  Yes, they should be things that require work and in the end make me a better person but they shouldn’t be completely impossible to reach.

I also have to take into account the fact that I don’t just see the need to make changes come January 1st of each year.  Throughout the year as I grow and accomplish I realize there are other things lacking that I need to do and so I add them in.  In reality it because one huge cycle that hopefully results in me becoming a more well-rounded, good person in the end.  I know without goals nothing will ever get accomplished.

This year I am tackling the Old Testament.  I have read and studied this book on a number of occasions, but I don’t really feel like I know and love this book as much as I do the others.  Having just returned from the Holy Land I want to dig into this book and extract the knowledge and jewels which I know it holds.  It seems daunting and yet I am incredibly excited because I know what awaits me from my experiences with the scriptures on a whole.

My love of reading always gives a pull at my heart this time of year.  New adventures await me in the world others have created and discoveries they have been fortunate enough to have made.  This year I am taking a bit of a twist on my reading list.  There are some of the classics that I read every year that will be read again.  There are new books already on my list itching to be picked up and devoured.  This will all happen, but my goal is to also read at least 30 C.S. Lewis books.  He has written over 60 books and I am sad to say that I have only read about ten and five of those are the Chronicles of Narnia.  He is such an amazing man with inspiring insight that I really want to take the time to appreciate his writings more.  What’s your favorite C.S. Lewis book?

I started working toward this goal at the end of last year, but I will complete the goal this year so I believe that it is noteworthy for this blog.  I signed up and will compete in my first triathlon this June.  I am only signed up for a Sprint to begin.  The idea is if I survive it and actually enjoy it to participate in an Olympic triathlon also.  I must admit that swimming is by far my weakest sport.  I have decided that I will only be competing against myself and just want to finish within two hours (really I am hoping to do it in an hour and a half, but will call myself successful if I am done before the two hour mark).  There is much training that is going along with this goal.

With so many things pending in my life and not knowing where I am going to end up even being in this world, those are all the really solid things that I have for now.  Of course I still have some yearly ongoing goals that don’t change that are still in the mix.  Plenty to keep me busy in most aspects of building my life.  My traveling will have to be done completely spontaneously which always make for a grander adventure with amazing tales to tell upon returning.  Such is life when your life is being uprooted.


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