Just Rannin' Around

Friday, May 18, 2012

I have decided that decisions can be likened unto cockroaches . . .

A mere one is spotted in the morning . . . do I get out of bed this morning early enough to exercise or just in enough time to get to work?

It seems small and harmless so it is left to itself and you slip out of bed. 

Into the bathroom and you spot two or three more scampering about . . . do I use the manual toothbrush or the electric one?  Do I wash my hair today or wait till tomorrow?  Do I have time to actually eat breakfast or should I just grab something and eat it at work?

Again it is so small and harmless that the tendency is to not even take notice as the little creatures very quickly multiple and start consuming your space and time.

Bigger ones always eventually make their way in also.

At the end of the day when you look behind you it tends to strike a bit of realty into your heart as you behold the mountains of crawling insects that have ultimately been thrown over your shoulder without a thought or glance. 

They add up to far more than ever expected.

Some are much larger than others and some are so incredibly small that they can barely be seen with a magnifying glass.  In different ways though, they all add up to those mountains which now appear. 

At that thought you look down to assess what is tickling your toes only to see another one waiting . . .

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

If the saying that goes through your head most frequently were to appear on your forehead like a tattoo, what would it say?

Mine would say: “Your lack of planning does not constitute my emergency”


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