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Friday, August 29, 2008

So sorry!

I have been reprimanded once again for not updating my blog as much as I should. My excuse . . . well I have the grandest ideas about what to write and because I don’t take the time to write them down by the time I get to a computer it has all but vanished from my mind. Note to self: put a small notebook in the purse so that ideas can be written at any given moment.

On Sunday I fed the missionaries assigned to our Stake. Of course I also had a couple came over so that there was a male in my house and we didn’t have to eat out on the front porch. They are newer missionaries to our Stake and so I didn’t really know this set yet. It was fun to hear about some of the adventures they have had while serving. The senior companion had us all rolling when he told us about being slapped by a prostitute out on the street who was high on drugs at the time, was one of their investigators, had previously hit on him and just happened to live in their same apartment complex. Now that is a story that you don’t hear about every day . . . at least not while serving in Salt Lake City, Utah. Needless to say, a set of sisters were immediately assigned to follow up and teach this investigator from that time forward.

Wednesday I had my littlest nephew over for some play time. He and I had some serious fun. I can’t believe that he is already 17-months old! He is starting to become quite vocal and show off his personality. The night was full of Olympic fun! We had running contests down the hall (always I was behind doing the chasing with him in the lead doing more giggling than running). We had trampoline contests on the bed (don’t tell his mom that I taught him that it was okay to do that). We did gymnastics in the living room which involved rolling and flying. Then things are never complete without the laughing contest (he has this fake laugh that he uses and it busts me up). We read a few books and shared a grilled cheese sandwich. I think that I won the gold though because about 9:00 he curled up with me on the couch with Cars playing on the DVD and fell fast asleep on my shoulder.

Tonight, well tonight I am boarding an airplane and heading to St. Louis. I will be meeting the parental units at the St. Louis airport (as they are flying out of Las Vegas) and then many adventures await. I will fill you in and even possibly post pictures (if I remember to take any . . . I am horrible about taking pictures) when I get back.

By the way . . . football is starting TOMORROW!!! :) It is a happy weekend!!

Monday, August 11, 2008


I am not a television watcher. Typically the only time that my television set is even on is in the morning and it is on the news station so that I can listen to it as I get ready for the day so that I am somewhat in the know. This weekend the couch pulled me in and I became a television addict!

I spent Friday night watching the entire opening ceremony. Now I may be only one of a few, but I really wasn’t that impressed. It was okay, but not the marvel that all the broadcasters were making it out to be.

Saturday was worse. Rather than getting up in the morning and immediately getting my day started with a good 3 – 4 mile run that I always do, I stayed in bed until 11:00 glued to the volleyball tournaments. I finally got up and ready for the day. I did make it out of the house for about a half hour to run to the post office to drop off some mail that HAD to go out, but came right back home and found a seat on the couch that became where I was to stay for the next seven hours. A friend came over around 8:00 and piled me off the couch and away from the television set.

Don’t worry I did make it to church yesterday for all three hours. My usual 10:00 bedtime definitely didn’t happen though because I just had to see the 4 x 100 men’s swimming relay. I finally wondered upstairs after jumping off the couch to cheer after the amazing finish of the USA team.

Good thing the Olympics only last for two weeks!


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