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Monday, November 30, 2009

“Dear Darla, I hate your stinking guts. You make me vomit. You’re scum between my toes! Love, Alfalfa.” -The Little Rascals

One can see this coming from five-year olds and maybe even find it a bit on the humorous side, but add 20 plus years and I believe that more is (as it should be) expected.

“I don’t like Utah. In fact, I hate them. I hate everything about them. I hate their program. I hate their fans. I hate everything. So, it feels good to send those guys home. They didn’t deserve it. It was our time, and it was our time to win. We deserved it. We played as hard as we could tonight, and it felt really good to send them home and to get them out of here, so it is a game I’ll always remember. I think the whole university and their fans and organization is classless. They threw beer on my family and stuff last year and did a whole bunch of nasty things. I don’t respect them, and they deserve to lose.” –Max Hall, BYU Quarterback

I wonder who went and pulled him up off the floor after having thrown that temper tantrum. It took the win that they just worked hard for and threw it out the door. At this point the win was no longer the focus of anyone’s attention . . . not even for his own fans. This “classy” statement an hour after the game ended overshadowed everything that had happened. I don’t think that I have heard any details of the game since the press conference which is sad because it was an exciting game.

Now the question becomes, is Bronco going to stand behind everything he says he and his football organization stands for and do something about it? Is he going to suspend Hall for the bowl game? According to Bronco, football is number five on his list of things that are important in life. Is he going to back that up with action? I have my opinion.

As for all of Hall’s accusations concerning last year’s game, well I hate to call someone a liar, but I happen to know differently.

I have season tickets that just happen to be one row behind the visitor’s section and I was at the game last year. Max’s family was sitting right in the middle of the visitor’s section last year SURROUNDED by other BYU fans. There was not a Ute fan anywhere near them. I was probably the closest Ute fan behind them and there was BYU fans and a stairway between them and the Ute fans to the north. This is just to give you a good idea as to what it would have taken for someone to spit or thrown beer on them. Highly unlikely not to mention pretty impossible . . . oh but this isn’t all the proof.

So another loud mouth on their team that year had made another famous comment that comes into play. Remember this one . . .

“When you’re doing what’s right on and off the field, I think the Lord steps in and plays a part; magic happens.” -Austin Collie

Well one of the BYU fans in front of us had her sign that said just that. She had been holding it up throughout the game. At the last couple of minutes of the game, a sign was made that said something to the effect that Hall must not be living right (he had thrown five interceptions that night). We only had the sign up for about a minute when his mother-in-law came storming up the stairs toward us. Now there was only seconds left in the game at this point mind you and I can assure you that she had no saliva or beer or anything on her, I know because I saw her close up and personal as she came up and got in our faces.

She was ranting and raving (ah maybe that is where he learned it about the fact that Hall’s wife was sitting down below us in tears because of our sign. She informed us that it was very unChristlike of us to behave in such a manner and that we were rude and inconsiderate (shall I take a moment to again remind you that we had just turned their statement around on them). She told us that we needed to immediately give her the sign. We refused, but we did take down the sign. The minute we put it down, it was grabbed and destroyed by a BYU fan and handed to his mother-in-law.

The game ended and we watched as his mother-in-law and his wife leave the stadium. Again, no saliva and no beer on either of them, not to mention that they were not being escorted out by anyone because they were not in any danger nor had anything been done to them. Let me also take a moment to remind everyone that beer is not allowed in our stadium. I am not saying that alcohol is not snuck into the stadium, but it is not cans of beer and I can almost guarantee that it doesn’t last until the end of the fourth quarter. I am just telling you how it was and how I saw it happen.

It is really too bad that he decided that this was how he wanted to end his career because I think it is what he will most be remembered for now. I do want to thank him because it did take away all ability for BYU fans to gloat over the next year about winning this year’s rivalry game.

Friday, November 13, 2009

My body is craving something and I don't know what it is.

I have been eating for the last three days without satisfaction. Any suggestions?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

“People who enjoy meetings shouldn’t be in charge of anything.” –Thomas Sowell

I have been in more meetings the last two weeks than I even want to recall. I have been to three at 7:00 in the morning before work even started for the day and I have had one almost consistently every night (including tonight) until almost 9:00 in the evening. These meetings are not even my work meetings which also have been aplenty lately.

I suppose the work ones are relevant (to a point) since we have one woman on maternity leave, one woman due to go on maternity leave within the next couple of weeks and another woman that just went on a month leave to have back surgery. That leaves two of us to cover and clients to keep happy.

However my issue with meetings on the large scale is that what I know can be covered in 10-15 minutes is stretched out into a 60-90 minute meeting.

There are certain activities that should be enjoyed and stretched out to last for as long as humanly possible, to this I whole-heartedly agree. In my world, meetings are not included in that statement.

I think that I only have one meeting on Tuesday morning this coming week. Here’s to hoping that it stays that way!

In other news:

I went and purchased all new garments (ah nothing better than brand new, sparkling white underwear) yesterday. They are my Christmas present to myself. I guess that Beehive Clothing decided that all of us needed a positive affirmation in the self image department. I was shocked when they told me that I was an Extra Small A in bottoms. What? I haven’t been an extra small anything since I was at least three-years old and I am sure even that is debatable.

It worked Beehive. I walked out of the Distribution Center feeling pretty good about myself (even though I know it is just that their sizes run big).

Friday, November 06, 2009

‘Cause I might know you a little better than you think

Let it be known that I did not serve a full-time mission. I am sorry that it doesn’t seem right to those that ask. Actually now that I think about it, they never ask IF I served, they always ask WHERE I served. Maybe that is why they give me that look. Oh you know the look. It is the look that within two seconds changes from embarrassment to startled to confusion to disbelief to wondering why not (quickly calculating what sin(s) might have been committed). The word that almost always comes out of their mouth next . . . “Oh.” I have actually been accused before of lying and that I must have served. You’re right, I did, must have just slipped my mind, silly me. Nope. Why would I have any reason to lie about it? Frankly I don’t know why it is so disconcerting for others that I didn’t serve.

This is where they inevitably start making really stupid comments. I could write pages and pages of them, but I will only give you a taste of what I get to hear.

“Oh. Well I figured because you are still single . . . . ” Just because I wasn’t married doesn’t mean that it was right for me at any point between the ages of 21-now to go on a mission.

“Oh. You know so much about the gospel that I assumed . . . . ” News flash, there are other ways to learn the gospel other than going on a mission and in reality you should know the gospel BEFORE you serve a mission.

“Oh. Why not?”

“Oh. You should have.”

“Oh. But you have been through the temple.” I know. Can you believe it? They actually let me in the temple even though I wasn’t getting married and wasn’t going on a mission! Don’t tell them though because they still don’t realize their mistake and they continue to let me in.

I want to eventually serve a mission or two and I am grateful for those that have served missions, but I don’t think that just because XYZ is the case that automatically means that someone did or should serve a mission or they are going to hell or that they can’t be equally as worthy (or knowledgeable or faithful or . . . ) as the person that did serve a mission. Even those of us that didn’t serve a mission and aren’t married can be just as valuable members as those that have and are. Shocking I know.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” –The Little Prince


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