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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Off and running

Tomorrow at noon I will be lifting off and leaving behind this cold, wet place which I call home headed for a week in a much warmer climate.

Hawaii here I come!

Thursday, September 27, 2007


I had a friend from my ward contact me the other day. She asked if I would be willing to write a letter to another friend of hers that I have never met. Emily explained that this friend’s 29th birthday was coming up and she was struggling with turning yet another year older and still being single. I know that it will sound odd, but I was grateful when Emily said that as much as she wanted to help, she was not in the position to understand completely what this friend was experiencing. I sat down and wrote a long, heartfelt letter. At this point I am not sure who needed it more, me or Emily’s friend....probably me.

Over the last month or so, I have been truly letting things go that needed to be released years ago. I have found myself walking taller and my steps lighter. I have come to recognize that I hold onto things even if they cause me great pain just for the sake of having something familiar attached to my heart. No longer will that be the case. I plan on being as valiant at cleaning it out as I have been lately and remember that it actually feels better when it is handled and set free. In doing so, I have come to a deeper understanding of the Lord’s hand in my life and the knowledge that He is the only one who truly knows my heart and how to heal it.

One of the greatest lessons in my life has always been patience. My refusal to be patient in all things keeps the lessons rolling in. Kicking against the pricks is not the wisest of decisions! I currently have an opportunity to be patient and allow circumstances to work through by itself. I see that my immediate response is to take control (as I am a control freak), but I have placed it into the hands where it needs to be and have stepped away with a promise that I will not interfere. Trust and faith. However it ends, I know it will be the way that it should because I am just now beginning to fully comprehend that my vision is extremely limited.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Anticipation is building.....

I decided a week and a half ago that I needed a far better attitude about life. I realized that I had starting viewing everything with extremely negative eyes and I didn’t even like being around myself. Of course the day I promised to be positive all day, things didn’t go as smoothly. I ended up in tears late that night when I finally made it home from a very long, emotionally exhausting day. I am happy to report however that I am doing much better with my promise and life seems to not be so out to prove that it is something which I can’t achieve.

I had an exceptionally good weekend that has helped me to roll a little more out on the right side of the bed this week. I have a few things which I am highly anticipating that are drawing ever so near. Having something to look forward to always adds to the happiness in the air in my world. Although I have had to swallow some pretty hard things for me, it seems to be that I am back to being my normal happy self. It feels great!!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Go Utes!

Well I can’t say that I am filled with enthusiasm and hope thinking that they are going to win against UCLA tomorrow, but I do believe that they could possibly surprise everyone and at least hold the score down enough as to not be completely embarrassed.

Let’s just take a peek at what they will be fighting against......well besides the Bruins line.

First game of the season:

1. Matt Asiata, our starting running back went down for the season when his right leg was broken in play and has since undergone surgery to repair a broken tibia and fibula.
2. Matt Martinez, a starting linebacker tore his right ACL....you guessed it out for the season.
3. Colt Sampson is out for hopefully only four weeks with a MCL sprain in his left knee. He plays tight end.
4. Of course our most devastating of this week was our starting quarterback, Brian Johnson, who separated his right (yes that is correct his throwing arm) shoulder and will be out for at least 3 – 5 weeks!

That means four of our top players out of the game already when we took on Air Force last week. The woes didn’t end there however:

5. Gabe Long, a defensive tackle will be out for 3 – 5 weeks with a strained MCL.
6. So, so sad....Brent Casteel our wide receiver that has done a ton for the team will be out for the rest of the season with a torn ACL.

Not looking like a season starter that most teams wish to have when they are in dream land during pre-season. Not looking to be the start of a season that fans dream about during the long 7 months of no football. One thing I can say is that there is not a fair weather fan found on this blog (unless of course one comments and that might just have to be removed). I will proudly be found in my red apparel all season long cheering louder than ever. One just never knows when the crimson tide will change courses and those caught under it will wonder what the heck happened. I won’t be surprised as I have seen it done before and don’t doubt the determination of my team.

Friday, September 07, 2007

I’m off to see the Wizard......

and even more exciting-the Diva!!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Dreams are so weird sometimes.

I suppose that I don’t sleep as well when I am at home by myself. My roommate took off to spend the extended weekend at home with her family which left me here alone. I rarely get scared, at least that is what I attempt to convince myself, but I did notice that I wasn’t sleeping as deeply as I typically do because I woke up this morning remembering a whole lot of dreams.

They were so random.

In one my entire family was on a cruise and we stopped at the Galapagos Islands (thank you travel channel which I was watching earlier that day). My older sister sent my 7- and 5-year old nieces on a transport boat BY THEMSELVES to the islands while we decided to stay on the ship and do other things. When they came back the 7-year old fell out of the boat and didn’t know how to swim and my sister just casually looked over at me and asked if I would take care of the situation and returned to her conversation. WHAT? That would NEVER happen.

In another, I was upset at someone because all they wanted to do was argue with me. No matter what I said or did, it was wrong. She kept telling people that I was mean and that nobody in their right mind should be friends with me. Everyone wanted nothing to do with me and so I left never to return even though the room was full of people that I loved and admired.

Last one that I will share was about kissing. Now let me start off by saying....why in the heck am I having dreams about kissing? I haven’t been kissed in almost 2 years and this dream didn’t make me want to run right out there and kiss anyone! Oh, maybe that was the point. Anyway.... I had a dream that I was kissing someone and it was the most terrible kissing I have ever in my life experienced. Actually it was so bad I wanted to throw up a little. I have never in my life experienced a bad kiss. I have been extremely lucky and have always been kissed by guys that know what they are doing and how to do it. Hopefully that will be the ONLY bad kissing experience that I will ever have. Funny thing was the dream was with a guy that I have kissed and I know that he is a great kisser.

Hopefully tonight won’t be as eventful!


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