Just Rannin' Around

Sunday, October 24, 2010

When the weather is frightful . . .

It was Regional Conference today so church was from 10:00 to noon. When I woke up this morning I immediately sensed the chill in the air and curled deeper into the blankets. I did eventually make it up and to the meeting, but did (or rather didn’t do) something that I can’t remember the last time leaving undone . . . I didn’t make my bed.

I hurried home from church, stripped down and melted back into the warmth and comfort of my bed. There I stayed unconscious of the world for another three and a half hours. The wind was rattling the leaves outside my window as the rain periodically poured down in seemingly timed movements as if being orchestrated. The chill never left the air.

Finally the music playing in my stomach grew to such volume that I knew it needed attending to so I quickly sprang from my bed to find my warmest, most comfortable pajamas.

In the kitchen I whipped up a yummy stir fry to the melody being conducted for the beginnings of winter. Only after eating did it dawn on me what needed to be done to conclude just such a day.

I just pulled fresh, homemade, extra gooie and chocolate chip cookies from the oven. An ice cold glass of milk has been poured and now I will curl back up on the couch and enjoy as I continue to listen to the symphony of the outside world. Only one more thing would make this the perfect moment. . .

Monday, October 11, 2010

So I had my very first day off this year. Want to know how I spent it?

Hold onto your seats it is very exciting . . . .

I got pulled out of bed by my cell phone around 8:15 am - clients wanting things done. Telling them that I had the day off was just unacceptable and couldn't I just run in and get this one thing done for them.

Nine hours and 2 closings later, I am just now cleaning up and heading home for the day.

So much for having a day off. I guess maybe working only nine hours verses my normal 12-15 hour days at work like I have been doing for the last three months does count to my clients as me having a day off. I am more than ready to leave the country where my cell phone doesn't work. Anyone want to run away with me?

Saturday, October 09, 2010

“Hi my name is Brenda and I am a football-oholic.”

“Welcome Brenda. We are happy to have you here today tell us about your addiction and when you finally decided it was time to admit that you had a problem.”

“Well I am pretty positive that it isn’t a problem, but maybe a bit on the excessive side. I have always been a fan. I have always loved to go to the games and support my team. Nothing unusual as it is a great American past-time. I am a season ticket holder. College ball brings with it an excitement and fun that draws me in. When did I realize that I was possibly taking it to an excess? Well about 10 minutes when I looked down and found that I had a remote control in each hand . . . one for the television which I was in the middle of switching between games on ESPN, ESPN 2, Verses and the Mountain and one to the radio that was tuned to AM 700 with the Utah game playing loud and clear. The television was on mute and I was screaming at the radio. That is when I understood that it may be a little much. Before I sit down though, can I just say that I am still laughing from last week and the fact that the Y lost to none other than USU . . . congrats to Coach Andersen. Anyway, just thought that I should at least admit that I was an addict . . . thanks for listening.”


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